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Anticlinal Fold

  • Dsc 9851
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  • Dsc 9847
Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine VIC 3450

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  • Impressive example of an anticlinal fold
  • Educational
  • Roadside stop
The impressive Castlemaine Anticlinal Fold is visible in the roadside cutting along Lyttleton Street. This curious geological formation makes an interesting roadside stop, well worth a look if you're in the area. 

An anticline is a geological fold in the shape of an upward arch, with its oldest beds at its core. This is an excellent example and its location makes it easy for any one to drop by and take a look at its structure. 

A plaque sits directly atop the fold and displays the following text:


This fine exhibit was disclosed when Lyttleton Street East was constructed in 1874.

Saddle reefs occur in similar folds of the sandstones and slates on lower geological horizons. provides the following concise definition of a saddle reef: "A saddle reef is a mineral deposit associated with the crest of an anticlinal fold and following the bedding planes, usually found in vertical succession, esp. the gold-bearing quartz veins of Australia".




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