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Historic Ploughs

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Marong-Serpentine Road, Marong VIC 3515

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Two interesting historic ploughs stand on display in the centre of Marong, situated between the two sides of Marong-Serpentine Road on a large dividing strip. 

These ploughs were used locally in the early 20th century, and were donated to the Marong Shire in 1990.

A red five furrow plough sits at one end of the area, while a green four furrow plough sits at the other. A small plaque stands between them both, and displays the following text:

These historic ploughs were used in the surrounding districts in the early 1900's.

The red Golden City 5 Furrow plough was made by Osborne Bros. in Ironbark whilst the green plough is a Gibbins 4 furrow made in Ballarat.

Donated to the Marong Shire in 1990 by the Walker Brothers in memory of their father Samuel Walker who used these ploughs. 




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