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Malone Park

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Malone Park Road, Marong VIC 3515

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  • Sports complex
  • Playground
  • Scenic creek
  • Historic railway bridge
  • Free electric barbecues
  • Wood fire barbecues
  • Picnic tables
  • Toilets
  • Oval
  • Cricket training facilities
  • Netball courts
  • Trotting track
  • Bowls
  • Swimming pool
Malone Park is a beautiful public space in the heart of Marong which features extensive sports facilities, a children's playground, a modern picnic area, a scenic creek, a historic railway bridge, and plenty of grassy areas for recreation and relaxation.

The playground, picnic area and main toilet block are located along Calder Alternative Highway. 

The barbecue area is right alongside the children's play space and features an undercover area, picnic tables, two electric barbecues, and a drinking fountain.

Malone Park Road continues on into the reserve, crossing the scenic Bullock Creek which runs through the town. 

The creek is a stunning feature of the park, lined with lush ornamental trees and providing plenty of quiet spots to sit and relax. During winter and spring, the banks of the creek are covered with a sea of pretty clovers.

Wood fire barbecues are scattered throughout the park, as well as picnic tables along Bullock Creek at the Harold Andrews Picnic Area.

If you follow the creek downstream you will soon find the impressive historic wooden railway bridge on the edge of the park. 

Be wary of trip hazards and loose rocks while approaching. There are also gaps in the structure of the bridge at the top, step carefully and supervise children at all times. 

Sports facilities at Malone Park include an oval, trotting track, netball courts, cricket training facilities and swimming pool. The park is home to the following clubs:
  • Marong Football & Netball Club
  • Marong Cricket Club
  • Marong Bowls Club
  • Marong Light Harness Club

A second toilet block is located near the harness racing track.

There are three entrances to Malone Park, accessed from the following roads:
  • Calder Alternative Highway (Playground and picnic area at this entrance)
  • Calder Highway
  • Salvarezza Road


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