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Site of the Steiglitz Miner

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Clow Street, Steiglitz VIC 3331

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  • Site of the Steiglitz Miner
  • Information sign
  • Part of the Steiglitz Town Walk
The Steiglitz Miner was the town's newspaper from 1893 until 1903, when it was sold and incorporated in the Meredith Sentinel. 

The site where the Steiglitz Miner's office once stood is indicated by an informative display along Clow Street, forming part of the fascinating historical Steiglitz Town Walk. 

The Steiglitz Town Walk begins at the nearby Steiglitz Courthouse, and is an easy half hour circuit filled with interesting ruins, relics and buildings of the gold rush era. 

A little further down the road you can see Sugg's Blacksmith Cottage, the next stop along the walk.

The information sign stands before an empty field and displays two interesting historical photographs along with the following text:

Work and Leisure

This site was the office of the Steiglitz Miner, first printed on 17 June 1893. The paper was sold in 1903 and incorporated in the Meredith Sentinel. 

Minogue's Sore is to the left, and on the right, the timber cottage where Mr Sugg the Blacksmith lived. The remains of his smithy and forge, which operated until the 1940s, can be seen beside the road. 

The level patch of land on the far side of Sutherlands Creek at the foot of Gibraltar Hill was the site of one of the Steiglitz tennis courts. Its charming location made it a popular venue for social games and elaborate picnics. 



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