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Sugg's Blacksmith Cottage

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1B Clow St, Steiglitz VIC 3331

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  • Blacksmith's cottage
  • Part of the Steiglitz Walk through the historic township
Take a walk through the historic gold mining town of Steiglitz and discover many fascinating remnants of times gone by, including this quaint 19th century blacksmith's cottage. 

The cottage is thought to have been constructed in the 1890s and was occupied by blacksmiths, ending with Mr Sugg in the 1940s. It sits in a grassy field beneath a scenic backdrop of forested hills. 

The walk around the township begins at the beautiful Steiglitz Courthouse, and is an easy half hour walk filled with interesting ruins, relics and buildings of the gold rush era. 

The Blacksmith's Cottage is one of the first attractions on the walk, located alongside Clow Street and marked with a metal plaque which reads "Mr. Sugg, Blacksmith". 

A sign at the Steiglitz Courthouse displays the following text regarding Sugg's Cottage (along with lots of other information about the town's many significant buildings):

This weatherboard cottage is the only one of its kind in the area. It is a four-roomed cottage with a corrugated roof and verandah and was possibly constructed in the 1890s. It was occupied by blacksmiths, the final one being Mr Sugg in 1944. With the help of the local volunteer group, the building is currently being restored to its former appearance.

From the Victorian Heritage Database's place details - 20/6/2020 Steiglitz Precinct:

"James Sugg's blacksmith's shop in Clow Street was in use until the 1940s. His weatherboard cottage and its remnant garden survive."

"A small timber Blacksmith's Cottage associated with James Suggs' blackmith forge is located at the eastern end of Clow Street. The cottage is surrounded by remnant garden plantings and exotic trees"

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