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United Albion Mine

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Steiglitz-Durdidwarrah Road, Steiglitz VIC 3331

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Stop by for a look at the interesting brick engine foundations of the United Albion Mine, which remain in the bushland outside Steiglitz. 

An information sign stands alongside the parking area, overlooking the ruins. 

Visitor facilities at the United Albion Mine

A small clearing contains an informal fire pit. There are no other visitor facilities at the United Albion Mine site, visitors must be self-sufficient and take all rubbish with them when they leave. 

Views over the surrounding bushland

Beyond the clearing and fire pit, if you walk out along the mine's line of mullock you'll see some nice views over the surrounding forested hills.

How to get to the United Albion Mine

The turnoff to the parking area is along Steiglitz-Durdidwarrah Road, across from the Yankee Gully Road turnoff.



  • Evidence of the mid-late 1800's gold rush can be found throughout the Victorian goldfields in the form of abandoned mine shafts and tunnels, mullock heaps, buildings and ruins, circular puddling troughs, remains of cyanide vats, and quartz kilns.


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