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Historic Mines

Evidence of the mid-late 1800's gold rush can be found throughout the Victorian goldfields in the form of mine shafts, mullock heaps, buildings, circular puddling troughs, remains of cyanide vats, abandoned mine tunnels, etc.

Central Deborah in Bendigo, Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, and Carman's Tunnel in Maldon offer fantastic guided tours of underground mines, but there are also plenty of places where you can go and explore the remains of historic mines for free on your own. 

Carman's Tunnel Gold Mine Tour in Maldon

Scroll down and take a look through the following list of fascinating historic mine/gold processing sites within the Victorian Goldfields - remember to be careful when exploring any historic mine site, as there will often be uneven/unstable ground and dangerous open mine shafts. Supervise children at all times.

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