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Trompf's Mine

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Off Paddy Ranges Track (850 metres north of Karri Dam), Adelaide Lead VIC 3465

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Head into Paddys Ranges State Park near Maryborough and stop by for a look at the massive mullock heaps, open stopes, and machinery foundation rubble of the Trompf's Amalgamated mine, which operated here from the late 19th century.

The site is marked with a sign along Paddys Ranges Track which reads "Trompf's Amalgamated O. M. Co.", about 850 metres north of Karri Dam

Several heaps of mullock stand in a cluster at the site, with one particularly massive heap dominating the scene. The associated shaft has been filled in. 

There is a lot of brick/stone/mortar rubble scattered about, which once formed the foundations for the mine's machinery. 

Gold prospecting is not permitted in this section of Paddy's Ranges State Park, see Parks Victoria's prospecting map for more information. 

1907 gold discovery

Frederick Trompf and Hugh Chappell caused quite an excitement with their 1907 Melbourne Cup Day discovery of a "glittering mass of gold embedded in a quartz" in a shaft at Trompf's Reef, which was estimated to contain over 150oz of pure gold. 

The following article was published in The Scone Advocate, 12th November 1907:

Rich Gold Find

On Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne, Thursday

Exceedingly rich gold has been discovered by Frederick Trompf and Hugh Chappell at Waterloo Flat, about two miles from Maryborough. The find was made on an old line of reef 4ft wide. 

Some years ago, Trompf (the present finder) and Chalkley, a co-operative party, sank a shaft of 120ft., and struck gold of a highly payable character. They subsequently sold out to a syndicate, who formed what is known as Trompf's Amalgamated Reef. Gold ceased to be payable, and the company suspended operations. About three months ago Trompf and W. Hetherington renewed work in the old prospecting shaft, but after a few weeks Hetherington lost faith in the venture and abandoned his share. Chappell then joined with Trompf in his work. 

Yesterday they found a glittering mass of gold embedded in a quartz. Rich specimens were brought to Maryborough to-day. It is estimated that they contained over 150oz of pure gold. As the gold was practically discovered on Melbourne Cup day the lucky proprietors have decided to name the claim the "Apologue." Last year on Cup Day the "Poseidon" was found. Great excitement has been caused by the find, and several leases have been pegged out.


Several open stopes are surrounded by a safety fence and accompanied by a warning sign. Do not attempt to cross the fence, and always be wary of the dangers of mine shafts

More to explore nearby

Trompf's Battery Site is located close by, further back along Paddy's Ranges Track towards Karri Dam. 

Paddys Ranges State Park is a beautiful area to explore, filled with mining and eucalyptus distillation history and decorated with wildflowers during spring. There is a fantastic free campground on Karri Track and a picnic area on Settling Pond Track.


  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.
  • Evidence of the mid-late 1800's gold rush can be found throughout the Victorian goldfields in the form of abandoned mine shafts and tunnels, mullock heaps, buildings and ruins, circular puddling troughs, remains of cyanide vats, and quartz kilns.


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