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Rose Hill

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Off Inglewood-Powlett Road, Powlett Plains VIC 3517

Sealed road on the left hand side when travelling from Inglewood

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Take a drive up to Rose Hill near Inglewood and discover stunning views over the surrounding mountains, bushland and fields. 

A sealed road takes you to the top where you can park your car and wander around the top to find the scenic views in all directions.

Rose Hill stands in the Inglewood Nature Conservation Reserve which is packed with significant ruins, remnants and relics relating to the area's rich mining history

Bushwalking, birdwatching and gold prospecting are popular activities throughout the reserve.

How to get to Rose Hill

Rose Hill is reached via Inglewood-Powlett Road, and is located just a few minutes drive from Inglewood. Drive past the reservoir and working gold mine. 

You'll spot the steel tower which sits atop Rose Hill as you approach the turn off, which will be on the left. 

A sealed road travels off up to the top, and there is room for a couple of cars to park at the top.  


Inglewood Motel and Caravan Park

Inglewood Motel and Caravan Park is a 10 acre bush park privately owned and managed by Jerry and Pauline Wellman in the gorgeous gold-rush town of Inglewood, Victoria. The park is within walking distance to cafes, shops and hotel entertainment, and is surrounded by State Forests. Inglewood Motel and Caravan Park is a popular destination for tourists and is located within the renowned Golden Triangle - a region of the Victorian Goldfields which is world famous for the size, purity, and quantity of gold nuggets found in the area. 


  • There are many great places throughout the Goldfields that offer gorgeous, panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


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