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Cobb and Co Changing Station

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Main Street, Buangor VIC 3375

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  • Historic building
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Cobb & Co were an innovative coach transport company, established in 1853 in response to the quickly growing need for transport of passengers, gold and mail during the 19th century gold rush. 

Rapidly expanding to become one of the most successful companies of its kind, Cobb & Co's remaining stables, coach houses and pioneering routes stand as a proud testament to the industry which once dominated the roads of the Victorian Goldfields. 

Erected in c. 1860 as coach and livery stables, this large bluestone building was used for many years as a Cobb & Co changing station. 

The stables are of significant scale and construction, situated along the coach route to Ararat and set alongside the old Mac's Hotel (now demolished). 

The large building was constructed with a bluestone slab floor, timber stalls and upper loft, as well as almost identical facades with arched doors and windows. 

A plaque set in the front of the building displays the following text:

Shire of Ararat

Buangor Water Supply

The gravity system drawing water from McLeods Creek at Mt Buangor was constructed in 1984 and officially opened on October 5th, 1986 by Shire President Cr. T. R. Fleming.

L. J. McKenzie, Shire Engineer

A sign above the stables' arched wooden door displays the following text:

Cobb & Co.
Changing Station

This gorgeous building is available for hire and offers a fantastic setting for functions, gatherings and weddings. 

The Buangor Avenue of Honour runs along the same street as the stables, and the Des Brennan Park (which provides sports facilities, an undercover area and a playground) is located beside/behind the building. 



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