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Loddon River Park and Walking Track

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Corner of Burke Street and Lyons Street, Newbridge VIC 3551

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  • Picnic tables
  • Wood fire barbecue
  • Information sign
  • Bench seating
  • Walking track
  • River views
This small but scenic park stretches along the bank of the Loddon River in Newbridge and features picnic tables, a wood fire barbecue, and a short circuit walk. 

Several bench seats provide views over the beautiful river below. 

The walking track is a well formed gravel path which travels alongside the river before looping back to the beginning, and is a great track for parents to take a pram for a short stroll.

More picnic facilities and toilets are located over the other side of the road at the Newbridge Loddon River Picnic Area, and camping is available over the other side of the river (small fees apply). 

An information sign alongside the walking track displays the following text:

The floods of 2011

The floods of January 2011 were the second largest in Loddon Shire's recorded history, surpassed only by a similar disaster in 1909.

They were significantly bigger than the floods of September and December 2010. The fast-flowing waters moved north from the upper reaches of the Loddon river outside the Shire. Newbridge was affected first, then Bridgewater. The floodwaters quickly moved further up the Loddon River and dispersed into creeks and tributaries beyond Bridgewater.

More than 30% - or 2200 square kilometres - of the Shire was impacted. At its peak, the flood was said to be 90km long and 50km wide. Many farms and towns were directly hit and about $30 million worth of damage was caused to the Council-managed infrastructure alone. Floodwaters cut roads, including the Calder and Loddon Valley Highways. Phones and power were lost for hours or days at a time.

At the flood's peak, water volumes recorded at the Laanecoorie Reservoir spillway reached 194 gigalitres a day. Melbourne uses 460 gigalitres of water each year.

By March 2011, there were still large areas underwater. New lakes, known as lunette lakes, were formed and these will empty only through seepage and evaporation.

Some, reported to be several hundred hectares in size, are heavily salt-affected. these have generally formed on grain cropping land, which may not return to productive use for many years.

Another smaller flood event occurred in Febrary 2011 as a result of flash flooding and the overflow of the Bullock Creek. This caused further damage to road infrastructure, rural properties and farm and roadside fencing. 

The Loddon Floods 2011 - Newbridge

Floods caused major damage to the Newbridge recreation reserve. The cricket nets, scoreboard and goalposts were washed out, along with an administration block, the netball courts' shelters and fencing, tennis courts complex and a greater part of the club rooms. 

Some 27 months and $3 million in investment later, the ground and infrastructure was restored, thanks to funding $2.3 million from the state government, plus contributions from Loddon Shire and the reserve's committee of management. 

The local community and sporting clubs also contributed about $350,000 worth of labour and materials.

Resident Sue Horsley said many townspeople had little idea such a flood was coming.

"When the Loddon River was rising above previous flood levels, neighbours were helping each other lift things to higher places," Sue said.

"The Army and SES were evacuating people from either side of the river. 

"Three local homes were inundated and a fourth had flooding to the floor boards, while the district saw damage to sheds and water tanks.

"Water got into the hall and about a metre up the walls of the church. The hall has since had new flooring and the church has been repainted"



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