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Timor Playground

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530 Timor Road, Bowenvale VIC 3465

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  • Playground
  • War memorial
  • Picnic table
  • Large shady tree
  • Picnic blanket spot
  • Toilets
  • Rubbish bins
  • Tennis courts
This little playground in Timor is a great spot for a picnic lunch. There's a large, attractive peppercorn tree in the middle of the park with a picnic table alongside it.

The playground features swings, seesaw, a spinning pole and a springer.

There's a WW1 memorial at the front of the park which is bordered by plants and a rail fence.

There are fenced (but not locked) tennis courts, however they are a little overgrown and require maintenance. They are still usable and are also great for kids to play on, bounce balls, etc.

A toilet block is located beside the tennis courts and there is a rubbish bin at the picnic area.


  • There are so many excellent playgrounds tucked away in little-known places. Take a look through this great list of playgrounds throughout the Victorian Goldfields.


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