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How to find old gold locations using Google Earth

Today I'm going to quickly show you and talk about some of the many different remnants that are left over from Victoria's busy mining days, including what they are, how they appear from above, and wha...
Posted 01/12/2022 in Gold
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Gold rush poem, 1851. The Rhyme of the Melbourne Mania

This interesting 1851 poem describes the madness which gripped Victoria (then known as the Port Phillip District of New South Wales) in the early days of Australia's gold rush, the offer of a £200 re...
Posted 06/05/2019 in Gold
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Children of the Victorian Gold Rush

Life for children on the goldfields during the 1850's gold rush was rife with danger and illness - the Pennyweight Flat Children's Cemetery in Castlemaine is a heartbreaking testament to the fact. An ...
Posted 26/04/2018 in People
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Abandoned mines of the Victorian Goldfields

Mineshafts and mullock heaps are an extremely common sight throughout the bushland of the goldfields, and you can regularly come across abandoned mine tunnels, discarded boilers, machinery site founda...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Gold
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Puddling machines of the Victorian Goldfields

Puddling machines, or "puddlers" were pioneered on the Victorian goldfields in the early 1850s. This technology was developed as an affordable way of processing gold-bearing clay on a large scale. Pud...
Posted 04/04/2018 in Gold
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The Welcome Stranger nugget

Did you know that the two luckiest men on Earth lived right here in the Victorian Goldfields? Cornish miners John Deason and Richard Oates unearthed the largest alluvial gold nugget in the world in Mo...
Posted 03/04/2018 in Gold
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Mining ruins and relics throughout the Central Goldfields

Gold puddlers, cornish boilers, cyanide vats, mine shafts, mine tunnels, battery sites, and monuments commemorating significant gold discoveries can be found hidden away throughout the Box Ironbark fo...
Posted 27/01/2018 in Things to do
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