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The Weekend Prospector with Andrew Bales

The new season of The Weekend Prospector has premiered, and judging by the first episode it's definitely shaping up to be one of the best modern educational resources to help prospectors find more gol...
Posted 13/09/2020 in Gold
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Places to find gold in Victoria's Golden Triangle

If you are looking for places in Victoria's Golden Triangle to find gold, this list provides some popular areas to get you started where gold detecting, panning or sluicing is permitted and gold is st...
Posted 23/06/2020 in Gold
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Historical Gold Maps of the New South Wales Goldfields

This list of maps links to historical maps for various towns and regions throughout the New South Wales goldfields. These maps have been selected because they display useful information regarding the ...
Posted 22/06/2020 in Gold
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Surfacing in the Victorian Goldfields

During the gold rush, miners stripped large areas of shallow gold-rich ground down to the bedrock and processed the earth they removed using equipment such as tubs, cradles, puddling machines and slui...
Posted 17/08/2019 in Gold
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Online resources for researching gold prospecting locations

The following list provides links to a range of online resources which are useful for anyone researching places to go gold prospecting as well as the history of gold in Victoria / Australia.
Posted 07/08/2019 in Gold
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Gold prospecting maps for Victoria's State and National Parks

Although most State and National Parks in Victoria are off limits for gold prospecting, some of them do have designated areas where prospecting is permitted. Parks Victoria provides a series of prospe...
Posted 31/07/2019 in Gold
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Gold rush poem, 1851. The Rhyme of the Melbourne Mania

This interesting 1851 poem describes the madness which gripped Victoria (then known as the Port Phillip District of New South Wales) in the early days of Australia's gold rush, the offer of a £200 re...
Posted 06/05/2019 in Gold
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Resource directory for gold prospecting, gold history and exploring the Victorian Goldfields

There are lots of fantastic resources across the Goldfields Guide website which are useful for both gold prospectors and those interested in exploring the history and features of the Victorian Goldfie...
Posted 06/05/2019 in Gold
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Jokes about gold, prospecting and mining

A collection of jokes about gold, prospecting and mining
Posted 23/04/2019 in Gold
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Fool's Gold

"All that glitters is not gold" is a common phrase, variations of which have appeared abundantly throughout history. A proverb which can be applied to many aspects of life, you won't find a more liter...
Posted 01/04/2019 in Gold
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Historical gold maps of the Victorian Goldfields

The following list links to historical maps for various towns and regions throughout the Victorian Goldfields. These maps have been selected because they display useful information regarding the locat...
Posted 14/03/2019 in Gold
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The Christmas Gift gold nugget, 1877

This impressive gold nugget was named The Christmas Gift and was discovered at Break O'Day (now known as Corindhap) Victoria in 1877.
Posted 02/12/2018 in Gold
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Gift ideas for gold prospectors

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the gold prospector in your life? The following list offers a huge variety of gift ideas for anyone who's been struck with gold fever.
Posted 16/11/2018 in Gold
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Dangers of mine shafts in the Victorian Goldfields

Unexpected open mine shafts are a fairly common sight throughout the bush of the Victorian Goldfields. The 19th/20th century gold mines which once dominated the region now lie abandoned. Some mines ha...
Posted 29/08/2018 in Gold
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YouTube Channels from the Victorian Goldfields

Check out the following list of YouTube channels created by local prospectors and gold enthusiasts in the Victorian Goldfields, which document their gold discoveries, equipment tests, prospecting meth...
Posted 19/08/2018 in Gold
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Abandoned mines of the Victorian Goldfields

Mineshafts and mullock heaps are an extremely common sight throughout the bushland of the goldfields, and you can regularly come across abandoned mine tunnels, discarded boilers, machinery site founda...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Gold
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Puddling machines of the Victorian Goldfields

Puddling machines, or "puddlers" were pioneered on the Victorian goldfields in 1854. This technology was developed as an affordable way of processing gold-bearing clay on a large scale. Puddling machi...
Posted 04/04/2018 in Gold
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The Welcome Stranger gold nugget

The largest alluvial gold nugget ever found was the world famous "Welcome Stranger", which was unearthed in 1869. John Deason and Richard Oates discovered the massive gold nugget mere inches below the...
Posted 03/04/2018 in Gold
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