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Places to see poppet heads in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 09/10/2022 in Gold

These towering structures once dominated the skylines of many towns throughout the Victorian Goldfields! 

Wondering what these things are? A poppet head is the framework above a mine shaft which supports the wheels for the winding cables.

Although they were once commonplace, today poppet heads are few and far between. Luckily there are still a few places where you can go have a look at them! 

Take a look through this list and discover eight great places throughout the Victorian Goldfields where you can see a poppet head.

Some of these remain at mine sites, others are now serving as lookout towers, but all of them are well worth checking out.

Red, White and Blue, Muckleford

This old mine site at Muckleford is a sight to behold, with a towering poppet head, a mine shaft, machinery site, mullock heap and dams. The poppet head here was originally from the Bendigo Deborah United Mine.

This site is located at the Red, White and Blue Recreation Area, a fantastic bush camping and picnic ground.

Find out more about the Red, White and Blue Recreation Area

Central Nell Gwynne, Bendigo

The poppet head of the Central Nell Gwynne mine is an iconic landmark in Bendigo, lying just down the road from the poppet head lookout at Victoria Hill

The Central Nell Gwynne was the premier mine of Bendigo's 1930s mining revival, and is of high historical value due to the extensive and relatively intact features which remain at the site. 

The impressive poppet head stands alongside a gravel parking area. Constructed of tubular steel, the poppet head has been restored and painted. 

To the south of the poppet head there are concrete winding engine and compressor beds, and to the west you will find the concrete footings, floor and engine beds of a 20-head stamp battery.

Find out more about the Central Nell Gwynne Poppet Head.

North Deborah, Bendigo

Stop by the North Deborah Historic Area and take a look at the mine's rare surviving brick chimney stack and steel poppet head, with excellent views available from the roadside on Eve Street. 

Operating from 1937 - 1954, the North Deborah was the last mine to operate on the Bendigo Goldfield in the 20th century. 

Find out more about the North Deborah Historic Area.

Central Deborah, Bendigo

Image source: Central Deborah Gold Mine

Visit Bendigo's outstanding Central Deborah Gold Mine, where you can explore the surface of the mine  (including the 22 metre high poppet head) as well as take guided underground tours of the mine levels below! 

The Central Deborah is one of Bendigo's biggest attractions, and it's easy to see why!

Find out more about the Central Deborah Gold Mine.

Rosalind Park Lookout, Bendigo

Bendigo's iconic Poppet Head Lookout stands atop Camp Hill and overlooks the gorgeous Rosalind Park, Bendigo city, and surrounding bushland. 

Installed at this site in 1931, the poppet head was originally used at the Garden Gully United mine. 

Find out more about the Rosalind Park Lookout.

Victoria Hill, Bendigo

Take a walk through the Victoria Hill Mining Reserve and explore the historical site of what was once the world's deepest gold mine. 

Walking tracks take you on a journey through the area, taking you past fascinating ruins and relics. Lots of detailed information signs provide the site's history along the way.

A huge poppet head has been converted into a lookout platform, a dominant feature of the reserve. 

Carefully climb the steps to the lookout and take in the beautiful views over Bendigo. See how many other poppet heads you can spot around the town!

Find out more about Victoria Hill.

New Prince of Wales, Eaglehawk

The fascinating remains of the New Prince of Wales mine site lie in a small area of bushland between Hopkins Avenue and Williams Road in Eaglehawk. 

The steel poppet head stands tall among the trees and is surrounded by the foundations and mullock heaps of the mine's productive past. 

Find out more about the New Prince of Wales.

Mount Tarrengower, Maldon

Head to the top of Mount Tarrengower in Maldon and check out the view from the top of the town's iconic poppet head lookout tower! 

This multi level lookout tower was constructed in 1923 using the poppet head from the Comet Mine in Bendigo. 

The tower's four legs and various bits of bracing were dragged up to the summit by teams of horses!

Find out more about the Mount Tarrengower Lookout Tower.


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