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Historical Gold Maps of the Western Australian Goldfields

Posted 01/01/2021 in Gold

Section of 1958 map of Western Australia, showing gold bearing areas. Image source, National Library of Australia.

The National Library of Australia contains a wealth of digitised resources, many of which provide valuable information for the modern day gold prospector. Historical maps provide insights into the geological features and gold mining operations of the past, helping prospectors to determine ideal locations to search for gold. 

This list of maps links to historical maps for various towns and regions throughout the Western Australian goldfields. These maps have been selected because they display useful information regarding the location of reefs, diggings, mining operations, and geological features. All these maps are free to view online. 

Although Goldfields Guide is a Victorian website, we are including this list of historical WA gold maps because we have had so many requests for lists of maps from other states as well. This list is not complete, and will continue to be added to over time - you can like/follow the Goldfields Guide Facebook page for updates. 

Always check if prospecting is permitted in the area you are researching. Check out the Government of Western Australia's gold prospecting page for more information. You may also be interested in the following:

Scroll down to find sections of maps for many goldfields towns and regions throughout Western Australia.

Section of 1958 map of Western Australia. Image source, National Library of Australia.

Western Australia state-wide goldfields maps
Coolgardie gold maps

Kalgoorlie gold maps
Kimberley gold maps
Menzies gold maps
Murchison gold maps

Peak Hill gold maps
Phillips River gold maps
Pilbara gold maps
Yalgoo gold maps
Yerilla gold maps





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