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YouTube Channels from the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 19/08/2018 in Gold

Image source: Reddog's Gold Adventures, YouTube

The Victorian Goldfields region is strongly associated with the 1850's Victorian gold rush, with many remnants of the rush remaining throughout the area. Gold prospecting is a local tradition which has endured since the old days, and is practiced in the Victorian Goldfields by both locals and tourists.

There are many informative resources available for those interested in prospecting in the Victorian Goldfields, including gold prospecting shops/centres, gold prospecting tours, the Prospectors' and Miners' Association of Victoria website, goldfields maps, online forums and social media groups. 

Another valuable resource is the growing number of YouTube channels created by local prospectors in the Victorian Goldfields, which document their gold discoveries, equipment tests, prospecting methods and more. 

Check out the following list of YouTube channels based in the goldfields of Victoria. Know of any others? Get in touch and let us know, it will be added to the list.

Gold prospecting finds, methods and equipment

Although not based in Victoria I have included this one as it's a great channel to subscribe to. Shares the many different ways in which you can go about finding your own gold. Very informative, heaps of videos, regular uploads.

Gold nugget discoveries in Vic and WA

Full time gold prospector, gold detecting, gold discoveries
Magnet Fishing, Gold Detecting, Relic Hunting, Bushcraft, Survival On the Victorian Goldfields, Treasure Hunting, Exploration

Gold detecting in Bendigo and WA

Panning, crevicing, sluicing, rocker box, Vic and NSW 

Gold detecting, gold finds
Gold detecting in the Victorian Triangle
Gold detecting, gold, coin and relic finds
Gold detecting, informative videos

Gold detecting and panning in the Golden Triangle

Gold detecting, various informative videos

Metal detecting hunts from the famous Golden Triangle in Victoria, Australia

The Golden Gully Lads (a.k.a Buschy ad Tom) head out around the Golden Triangle in country Victoria in search of the yellow stuff, sharing some of their fantastic finds along the way
Gold detecting, gold finds

Gold panning, gold cradle, highbanker sluice, crevicing, based around Creswick
Gold detecting with a GPZ 7000 in the Golden Triangle

Gold detecting around Wedderburn
Based in NSW, but has videos at Beechworth and Yackandanda. Videos of Golden Triangle and Laanecoorie Gold Bash coming soon
Gold detecting, informative videos, quartz crusher, trommels, highbankers

Gold detecting, gold nuggets, VIC and WA

Gold detecting, lots of gold nuggets

Gold detecting, gold finds, lots of videos

Gold detecting, informative videos

Gold prospecting using a wide range of equipment. Based in NE Victoria, primarily around Beechworth and Chiltern.

Gold detecting, lots of gold nuggets, Facebook group as well 

Gold prospecting in Victorian Goldfields, trommel and highbanker sluice operation
Gold detecting, informative videos

Gold detecting in the Golden Triangle

Victorian Seekers Club. Monthly outings to the Victorian goldfields to search for gold, nuggets, coins, relics, gemstones and other natural and man-made objects of value and/or interest.

Gold detecting, gold nuggets

Gold prospecting (various methods), equipment tests/reviews, how-to videos, lots of info, regular uploads

Detector modifications and tests, gold prospecting

LOCAL Gold information and history

Goldfields information and history

21st century prospecting, PMAV video about gold detecting and community engagement in Victoria

Historic mine exploration

Abseiling down into abandoned historical mines and documenting their explorations and discoveries.

Mapping, recording, restoring and exploring the historical old abandoned mines of Victoria, Australia.




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Thanks very much for posting up those links. Quite a few I didn't have.
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No worries, glad you found the list useful. Cheers!

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