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Paddy the Prospector heads into town

Posted 14/03/2020 in Miscellaneous

Paddy the Prospector lives out the bush
camped out alongside his mine
Armed with a pick and an old rocker box
he reckons his life is just fine 

Once a month Paddy heads back into town
to sell gold and gather supplies
Ol' Paddy rocked up at the shops one day
and couldn't believe his eyes

Shoppers were fighting and carrying on
Over packets of dunny rolls
Shelves were half empty, the cashiers wore masks
things looked way outta control

Paddy asked everyone "what's going on?"
and they all looked at him in surprise
"Ain't you been watching the news?" they said
"Coronavirus is on the rise!"

CORONAvirus?! Paddy thought in despair,
was there something wrong with the beer?
He rushed to the bottle shop to buy his supply,
ignoring the brief flash of fear

He loaded his trolley with beans and beer
and then headed straight for the door
He pushed past the crowds of toilet roll hoarders
and got the hell outta the store

Paddy was quick to get back out the bush
and leave all the madness behind
The virus can't reach him out there at his camp
and he's got more gold to find!

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