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Ballarat's famous Gravel Pits Lead

One of Ballarat's many famous deep leads is the unique Gravel Pits, which was discovered in 1853 and runs from Victoria Street right beneath Bridge Mall and Sturt Street!
Posted 16/10/2022 in Miscellaneous
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Nine charming historic towns to explore in the Victorian Goldfields

The Victorian Goldfields is home to a huge collection of historical towns, with charming heritage streetscapes and grand nineteenth century architecture being dominant features of the region. Many...
Posted 09/10/2022 in Miscellaneous
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How to use GeoVic to research prospecting locations

GeoVic can be a bit daunting when you first check it out, so hope that this basic tutorial will help anyone who is first opening up GeoVic and unsure what they're looking at.
Posted 07/09/2022 in Miscellaneous
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20 abandoned mines to explore in the Victorian Goldfields

The Victorian Goldfields is filled with fascinating ruins and relics, with abandoned mines, diggings, boilers, machinery foundations and gold puddlers scattered in abundance throughout the region. We'...
Posted 04/05/2021 in Miscellaneous
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Best fishing spots in the Victorian Goldfields

There are plenty of fantastic fishing spots throughout the Victorian Goldfields! We've gathered together a few of the best in the region to help inspire your next fishing adventure.
Posted 07/12/2020 in Miscellaneous
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Paddy the Prospector heads into town

Shoppers were fighting and carrying on Over packets of dunny rolls Shelves were half empty, the cashiers wore masks things looked way outta control
Posted 14/03/2020 in Miscellaneous
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