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Victoria Park Gardens

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361 Talbot Rd, Majorca VIC 3465

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  • Site of Majorca's Government Camp
  • Once an ornamental public garden
  • War memorial
  • Small lake
  • Tennis court
  • Seating
Set on the site of Majorca's former police camp, this historic reserve in Majorca once a beautiful public garden, complete with a small ornamental lake, promenade, bluestone spillway/drain and decorative plantings. 

Victoria Park Gardens is set on the site of the police camp / dam on the above map. Source: PROV

Today the park consists of a large grassy lawn, tennis courts, war memorial and the dam/spillway. 

The park is included in an interesting self-guided walk around Majorca's historic sites and bushland areas - an online map and numbered points for the easy 3.3km walk can be viewed on Walking Maps

Contact the Majorca Tennis Club for information on / access to the tennis courts. 

The war memorial is set in the grassy area at the front of the park, and includes bench seating along with a flag pole. 

More to explore nearby

The historic town hall is located just down the road, which includes a fenced playground and undercover barbecue area. 

A short way further down the road is the historic Stand Pipe and Memorial Trough

The Kong Meng Historic Reserve is out on Rodborough Road, the Majorca Cemetery is located out on the other site of Majorca on Wheens Road. 



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