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Majorca Historic Cemetery

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Wheens Road, Majorca VIC 3465

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  • Explore local history
  • Rubbish bins on site
The Majorca Historic Cemetery situated along Wheens Road and is well worth a visit.

The front gate is bordered by a white picket fence and a small brick building stands to the right of the entrance. 

Take a stroll among the old grave stones and read through the engravings for an interesting look at local history.

A gravel road travels in to the cemetery and vague tracks travel among the headstones.

The cemetery is in a quiet spot, partially surrounded by bushland and easily accessed by a gravel road.

Lone graves are a fascinating feature of the Victorian Goldfields, and along with the region's historical cemeteries they provide an interesting glimpse into the past. 

Some lone graves exist because the burial predated the establishment of a local cemetery, others are left behind after cemetery relocation, others simply lie outside the boundary of nearby cemeteries. 

Find out more about some of the Victorian Goldfields' intriguing lone graves.


  • Many cemeteries in the goldfields were established in the early-mid 19th century. Walking through the historic cemeteries of the area is like taking a walk through time.


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