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Timor Streamside Reserve

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Hickeys Road, Bowenvale VIC 3465


The Timor Streamside Reserve is a peaceful patch of bushland in Bowenvale, a few minutes from Timor.

Timor Creek loops through a sea of lush green clovers in the cooler months, and during the drier months the clear, gravelly creek bed serves as an excellent walking track amongst the interesting knots of tree roots that twist their way down the banks.

This is a great spot for laying out a blanket for a quiet picnic lunch during the greener part of the year.

On the eastern side of the reserve there is a large clear area alongside the road which is good for parking cars/caravans or pitching tents. Keep in mind that this is not a structured camp ground and there are no picnic facilities or toilets. There are public toilets at the Timor Playground, which is a five minute drive from the Timor Streamside Reserve.


  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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