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Campbelltown Reserve

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Williams Street, Campbelltown VIC 3364

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  • Public hall
  • Bushland reserve
  • Huge pine trees
  • Outdoor log auditorium
  • Birdwatching
The Campbelltown Reserve is the site of the Campbelltown Hall, behind which lies a beautiful patch of forest. 

An impressive outdoor auditorium comprised of log seats sits beneath the pine trees at the back of the reserve. This auditorium sits on a carpet of pine needles and offers a unique forest setting for groups or picnics. 

The facilities at the reserve are out of order - there is a toilet block and an old barbecue, but both are not currently working. Facilities within the hall itself are not open to the public. 

Despite this, the Campbelltown Reserve is a great place to visit if you're looking for a peaceful place to bring a group or a nice place to lay a picnic blanket. Children will have a great time balancing along the log seats and the small pine forest is a haven for birds. Please note that the log seats have been carefully hand built - ensure that they are not disturbed or damaged.

Campbelltown is a fascinating little place steeped in history. Other places of interest within Campbelltown are:



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