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Avoca Lead Wayside Stop

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Pyrenees Highway, Avoca VIC 3467 - between Slaughterhouse Road and Morns Lane

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  • Undercover picnic table
  • Site of butcher shop
  • Chinese tomb
  • Information signs
The Avoca Lead Wayside Stop is an interesting spot located just out of Avoca on the Pyrenees Highway, heading towards Maryborough. This interesting rest area features a Chinese tomb, the site of a butcher shop, and well presented information signs describing the Avoca Lead township.

The tomb of Bi Jiang, dated 1850s, was found on this site and is now presented within a small fence and clear cover. It sits alongside the site of the butcher shop run by Bi Jiang (English name Percy Kang Senior).

An undercover picnic table sits alongside a gravel parking area, and another picnic table is located closer to the roadside.

Information signs at the Avoca Lead Wayside Stop display the following text: 

Est. 2017
Avoca & District Landcare Project

Avoca Lead Township

Gold was discovered in 1851 running due North to South for two miles from the Avoca Township East of the Avoca River. Surface gold was quickly worked out but deeper diggings continued up to 25ft. in depth and called Avoca Lead. By 1854 Avoca's population grew to 16,000. In early 1855 Avoca Lead was soon deserted as miners headed for St. Arnaud. 

Businesses at Avoca Lead in its heyday:
  • Two Hotels - Chinese publicans
  • Two Butcher Shops - One was Chinese
  • Two Grocery Houses - One Chinese
  • A Bootmaker - Chinese
  • Blacksmith - Ang Gooey
  • Boot repairer - Charles Ah Woo
  • Carpenter - Old Domingo
  • Partners in the Store and Pub - Ah Sun & Ah Moon
  • The Temperance Hall, a slab structure, was used as Sunday School & Church.
  • The Old School, weatherboard with bark roof, was designated common school.
Tomb of Bi Jiang, Avoca Lead Wayside Stop, Avoca VIC

Bi Jiang
Chinese Name

The site of the first butcher's shop owned and run by Bi Jiang (Percy Kang Senior - English Name) ran from 1849 and then moved to the new Avoca site in 1856 until his death in 1875.

Tomb of Bi Jiang
Dated 1850s
Found on this site




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Barry williamson
One of the hotels was called 'the all nations'
Owner George ho ying who previously owned the general store in percydale