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Maryborough Skate Park

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17 Majorca Road, Maryborough VIC 3465

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  • Undercover area
  • Picnic table
  • Rubbish bins
This small skate park in Maryborough is a great spot for skating, riding bikes, scooters, etc.

A new skatepark is in the process of being developed near Lake Victoria

The skate park is located along Majorca Road, right next to the Maryborough Sports and Leisure Centre. 

Features of the Maryborough Skate Park

The skatepark in Maryborough is set on a large concrete slab. It has metal quarters at each end with a few ramps and rails in between. 

Visitor facilities at the Maryborough Skate Park

There's an undercover area alongside the skate park which features a picnic table, park bench, and rubbish bins. Part of the undercover area also has half-walls as wind breaks. 

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Curtis winstanly
Been to this skatepark a lot over the years is very dangerous with metal ramps they get extremely hot and can cause serious burns and the edges are sharp and deadly seen A lot of kids get seriously injured from all of these problems wouldn't let my kid anywhere near this skatepark BEWARE a concreate skatepark is much needed would bring more people and prevent a lot more injuries!!