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Maryborough Velodrome

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Avoca Road, Maryborough VIC 3465

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  • Public velodrome
  • Cycling
  • Dog walking
  • Rubbish bins
The Maryborough Velodrome lies on the outskirts of town along Avoca Road, set on the edge of the Bristol Hill Historic Area. 

A large cycling track travels around a central lawn area, completely enclosed by a fence. 

Walking tracks from the Maryborough Velodrome

Visitors can walk or cycle from here over to the nearby Bristol Hill Pioneers Memorial Tower, Bristol Hill Pioneer Cemetery and Bristol Hill Apex Playground.

Dog walking at the Maryborough Velodrome

Along with cycling, this is a popular spot for dog walking as it provides a circular walking track as well as an enclosed area for dogs to run off-lead (only when there are no cyclists or other dogs that may be disturbed).

If walking dogs at the Maryborough Velodrome, please keep in mind that it is a cycling facility first and foremost. 

Please keep your dog on a lead and off the cycling track when cyclists are using the facility. 

Always clean up after your dog.



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