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15 top spots for family barbecues in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 19/05/2019 in Things to do

Lions Club Park, Avoca VIC

Picnics and playgrounds are a great way to spend the afternoon with the family! There are many places throughout the Victorian Goldfields which feature excellent play spaces and barbecue facilities. Take a look through the following list to find fifteen of the region's top spots for family barbecues.

1. Bakery Park

Bakery Park, Amphitheatre VIC

Bakery Park in Amphitheatre is a fantastic spot to bring the family for a picnic/barbecue due to the excellent undercover picnic area, playground and fences. A huge peppercorn tree stands between the barbecue area and the playground which offers heaps of shade and is perfect for kids to climb. Read more...

2. Axedale Park

Axedale Park, Axedale VIC

The Axedale Park is a well equipped recreation area which features a playground, skate park and undercover picnic/barbecue facilities. Axedale is a beautiful little town to visit and is located just twenty minutes out of Bendigo. Read more...

3. Maldon Gardens Playground

Maldon Gardens Playground, Maldon VIC

This beautiful playground is tucked away on Francis Street behind Maldon's Visitor Information Centre. The playground has lots of great equipment and is bordered by gardens and undercover areas. An undercover picnic area with free electric barbecues makes this a fantastic spot to bring the family for a picnic while the kids play. Read more...

4. Eureka Stockade Memorial Gardens

Eureka Stockade Memorial Gardens, Ballarat East VIC

The Eureka Stockade Memorial Gardens commemorate one of Australia's most defining historical events - the Eureka Stockade Rebellion of December 3, 1854. The park is extensive and has many excellent features including a musical playground, fantastic barbecue and picnic facilities, sweeping green lawns, and a scenic lake and walking track. The beautiful gardens are also home to the Eureka Centre (formerly known as the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka), where the iconic Eureka Flag can be viewed, as well as a cafe. Read more...

5. Toll Bar Park

Toll Bar Park, Lexton VIC

Toll Bar Park is a well equipped picnic and play area in Lexton. The park boasts a playground, undercover fenced toddler play space, undercover electric barbecues and picnic tables, ball court, toilets, historical relics and information signs. Read more... 

6. Community Garden, Playground and Skate Park

Community Garden, Playground and Skate Park, Daylesford VIC

This brilliant community space in Daylesford, VIC is a fantastic place to bring the family for a barbecue, play and skate. With sunny lawns and shaded playground equipment, you can relax in the undercover barbecue area while the kids have fun. A beautifully landscaped nature play area features a sandpit, log steps, narrow walking tracks and a chalk board. Read more...

7. Park Lake Gardens Reserve

Park Lake Gardens Reserve, Creswick VIC

This beautiful hilltop park in Creswick, Victoria features a scenic lake, walking tracks, playground, picnic/barbecue areas, and extensive outdoor court facilities. A shady, grassed area at the entrance to the park features a historic rotunda, wood fire barbecues and a toilet block. Further into the park, alongside the tennis courts, lies a fantastic playground and picnic area with undercover electric barbecues. Read more...

8. Big Tree Park

Big Tree Park, Guildford VIC

Big Tree Park in Guildford is home to a spectacular ancient River Red Gum thought to be somewhere between 500 to 1,000 years old. This impressive giant stands across the road from the park, which features a playground, undercover barbecue area, picnic tables, tennis courts with basketball hoops, a toilet block, information signs and rubbish bins. Read more...

9. Green Hill Lake

Green Hill Lake, Ararat VIC

Green Hill Lake is located 4km east of Ararat and is a fantastic free area for recreation, camping, fishing, boating, swimming, barbecues and bushwalking. When you first enter the Green Hill Lake Recreation Area the lake lies directly ahead with some basic undercover areas and picnic tables. Keep following the road around to the right and you will come up to a large gravel parking area with a fantastic playground, undercover barbecue area and boat ramp. The playground overlooks the water and is under cover. Green Hill Lake also offers a great campground. Read more...

10. Stuart Mill Community Recreation Reserve

Stuart Mill Community Recreation Reserve, Stuart Mill VIC

The Stuart Mill Community Recreation Reserve is a great spot within picturesque Stuart Mill - a former gold rush town located along the Sunraysia Highway between Avoca and St Arnaud. The reserve is very well maintained and features a large oval, playground, free undercover electric barbecue, picnic tables, beautiful gardens, and interesting statues. A notable feature of this beautiful park during spring time is the gorgeous assortment of flowers and blossom trees growing in and around the reserve. Read more...

11. Tarnagulla Soldiers Memorial Park

Tarnagulla Soldiers Memorial Park, Tarnagulla VIC

The Tarnagulla Soldiers' Memorial Park is a fantastic place to bring the family. It features a large undercover barbecue area with free electric barbecue, picnic tables, toilets, beautiful trees and grassy area, a playground with a shade sail, war memorial and cannon, kangaroo chair and giant checkerboard on the ground. Read more...

12. Orme Snowden Reserve

Orme Snowden Reserve, Bealiba VIC

The Orme Snowden Reserve is a great playground and barbecue area in Bealiba. The park has a basic fence surrounding the whole area with a safety gate, making this a fantastic place to bring small children to play while you are cooking up a barbecue. There's a free electric barbecue set in a large bench in the undercover area, along with a picnic table, a rubbish bin and a water tank with a tap. Read more...

13. Lions Club Park

Lions Club Park, Avoca VIC

The Lions Club Park in Avoca is located on the bank of the Avoca River and is a great spot for camping, barbecues and picnics. Beside the playground is a large gazebo with an electric barbecue, two picnic tables, and a water tap on the side. Bring the family along for a barbecue and a play, then take a scenic stroll along the Avoca River Nature Trail. Read more...

14. Gordon Gardens

Gordon Gardens, Dunolly VIC

Gordon Gardens is a fantastic, family friendly spot to spend an afternoon. The large playground area is completely fenced and has safety gates plus park benches, which makes this an ideal spot to bring little kids. The park has two excellent undercover barbecue area with free electric barbecues. One barbecue area (close to the playground) has wind blocks, picnic tables and rubbish bins. The other barbecue area, over the other side of the park, has plenty of seating and lots of space. Read more...

15. Vaughan Springs

Vaughan Springs, Vaughan VIC

This spectacular park features several free electric barbecues, picnic tables, a gazebo, a giant hillside slide, mineral spring taps, swimming spots, a few great trees for climbing, scenic walks, a miniature railway within a fenced area (great for little kids), toilets and plenty of educational signs. Read more...

What's your favourite barbecue spot in the Victorian Goldfields? Let us know in the comments below.




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