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Malmsbury Botanic Gardens

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Corner of Calder Highway and Ellesmere Place, Malmsbury VIC 3446

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  • Beautiful parkland
  • Historical viaduct
  • Fenced playground
  • Free electric barbecue
  • Picnic tables
  • Walking tracks
  • Information signs
  • Lake
  • Coliban River
  • Toilets
  • Rubbish bins
  • Dogs allowed if on a lead
Featuring a beautiful lake, walking tracks, informative signs, a fenced playground, and excellent picnic facilities, the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens is an outstanding attraction of the historical township. 

The Coliban River runs along the western side of the gardens, and the impressive Malmsbury Viaduct stands to the south. 

The viaduct was constructed in 1859 and is one of the largest 19th century engineering structures erected in Victoria.

Bring the family for a barbecue lunch while the children play safely within the fenced playground area. 

Take a stroll around the lake among the native and exotic plants, pausing to read the many fascinating informative signs throughout the gardens. 

One of the information signs at the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens display the following text:


The Malmsbury Botanic Gardens honour the spirit of lands that continue to be sacred to the traditional owners the Jaara people of central Victoria. 

These gardens, reserved in 1857 and developed from 1863, are one of the earliest Victorian regional botanic gardens that flourished amid the rapid settlement of Victorian towns during the gold rush from the 1850's.

The gardens comprise of approximately 6.3 hectares of some native and predominately exotic vegetation and are bordered on the western side by the Coliban River. 

Spanning across the river to the south side of the gardens stands the Malmsbury Viaduct, constructed in 1859. 

The viaduct is one of the largest nineteenth century engineering structures erected in Victoria.

In 1998 the gardens were classified and included on the National Trust Register. Amongst the aspects considered for its inclusion were the gardens heritage value containing many outstanding individual specimen trees. 



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