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Taradale Stamp Battery

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Off the Calder Highway (between Davy Street and Kangaroo Creek), Taradale VIC 3447

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  • Battery shed
  • Stamp battery
This battery shed stands just off the Calder Highway in Taradale and houses an old stamp battery which can be viewed through the windows. 

The machine consists of two battery boxes - one of them (manufactured by A. Roberts & Sons) has four heads of stamps and the other (manufactured by Horwood's Foundry, Bendigo) has five. The battery's partially wooden framework and fly wheels are in great condition. 

Dorman and Picken's ten head battery was reported on this site in the 1930s. 

The battery was altered in the 1950s by Verne Hooper, who was at that time the mine manager of the nearby North Pheonix Co. 

Description of the Taradale Stamp Battery

The following description of the battery is provided in the 1993 document, 'Historic mining sites in the Taradale mining division' by David Bannear:

Messrs Dorman and Picken's battery (10-head battery complete with amalgamation and concentrating tables and cyanide plant reported on the site in 1939. 

The battery was altered during the 1950s by Verne Hooper. 

A 1912 survey by W. Archdall shows B.H. Beer 's battery more-or-less on the same location. The 1912 battery building is much smaller and had a brick stack on its south-west corner. The building surviving today is either a modification of the 1912 battery or a new structure. 

A survey of information of Government batteries from 1898 to 1950 shows that, contrary to some local information, the Taradale battery never operated as a government crushing facility). 

Battery shed. Galvanised iron, timber framed, shed which has an overall measurement of 75 ft x 28 ft. The building contains four distinct sections--battery/amalgamation area, engine room, office and furnace house. The furnace house has a small brick stack. 

Stampers. Intact stamp battery with two battery boxes. One battery box has 4-head of stamps and was manufactured by A. Roberts & Sons, Engineers, Bendigo, the other box has 5-head of stamps. The second lot of stampers was manufactured by Horwood's Foundry, Bendigo. Wooden framework and fly wheels in good condition. Machinery. Engine and amalgamation equipment have been removed from the shed. 

Sludge pond. A 40 metre x 80 metre sludge pond lies to the north of the battery shed.

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