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Heathcote Stamp Battery

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High Street, Heathcote VIC 3523

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  • Stamp battery on display
  • Picnic table
  • Alongside sports reserve
This impressive eight head stamp battery is on display along Heathcote's High Street. 

It stands alongside the Barrack Reserve sports complex and just a moments stroll from the Heathcote Playspace.

The battery is fenced and has a plaque which displays the following text:

Used for the crushing of gold bearing stone

This quartz mill was donated to the McIvor Historical Society by Mr Wes Tyson and Mr Jack Rozinsky

Erected on this site in 1994 by the McIvor Shire Council

Visitor facilities at the Heathcote Stamp Battery

The only visitors facility here is a single metal picnic table set right alongside the battery. 

There is a fantastic sheltered picnic and barbecue area just down the road at the Heathcote Playspace.

What is a stamp battery? 

Stamp battery on display at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat VIC

A stamp battery is a machine which crushes gold-bearing rock using a pounding action. 

A battery consists of a set of heavy stamps which are held vertically within a frame. 

The individual stamps are lifted by cams on a rotating horizontal shaft, then released as the cam rotates out from under them, causing the stamps to fall and crush the rock below. 

This is repeated continually to crush large amounts of gold-bearing rock.




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