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Lafranchi Hut

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Unnamed track off Walker Track, Kooroocheang VIC 3364

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  • 1920s log hut with stone chimney
This interesting log hut stands in a picturesque setting surrounded by beautiful trees, between the Wombat Plantation and Mclachlan Creek. 

The hut was built around the 1920s by Victor Lafranchi, son of Swiss migrant Giulio Lafranchi who came to Australia in 1855 for the gold rush. 

Lachranchi Hut stands alongside the site of the Lafranchi home, which was burnt down in a fire in the early 20th century. Remnants of the home can still be seen today.

The one-room hut is built from logs and features a stone fireplace/chimney. 

Some restoration work has been done. The hut originally had a bark roof which has since been replaced with metal.

A few makeshift fire pits have been created around the clearings beneath the trees. 

There is a brilliant Facebook page dedicated to the Lafranchi Hut which features some great historical photos and information. Check it out here.

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