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State School and Pioneer Memorial

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Corner of Langi Kal Kal Road and Edmonston Road, Addington VIC 3352

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  • Roadside monuments
These stone monuments stand on the intersection of Langi Kal Kal Road and Edmonston Road in Addington, commemorating the State School along with the town's pioneers, past residents and pupils. 

The plaques display the following text: 

This plaque commemorates the 150th anniversary of Addington State School No. 226
25th July 2010

Erected by Old Scholars of Addington 1860 - 1960

This plaque was erected on the occasion of the Back to Addington, March 1989 in memory of the pioneers, past residents & pupils

The Addington State School No. 226 was open from 1863-1912 and was previously named Ercildoune.

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