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Connect with others and learn how to find gold in Victoria

Posted 21/12/2020 in Gold

Looking to learn more about gold prospecting and how to find gold in Victoria? One of the best things you can do is connect with other gold prospectors, whether it's online or in person, and share gold prospecting information, methods, tips and more.

There are many ways to connect with other gold prospectors, including taking detecting workshops, joining prospecting clubs, engaging with online communities, and more. Take a look through the following links for some of the most useful community-based resources for gold prospectors in Victoria.

Gold prospecting workshops and tours in the Victorian Goldfields
Heading out on a gold prospecting tour or workshop is a great way to meet like-minded people and learn new prospecting skills. There are lots of great local options for these workshops in the Victorian Goldfields.

gold prospecting clubs and associations

Image source: PMAV

Joining a prospecting club is a great way to connect with others, meet like-minded people and share information on gold prospecting. There are a range of options to choose from in Victoria, including:

Some great gold prospecting Facebook communities

Image source: Gold Hunters Victoria

There are so many Facebook groups you can join to connect with others and learn about gold prospecting!

Join in on the Aussie sense of humour online

Having a good sense of humour is a handy asset for those interested in gold prospecting. Years ago my grandfather dropped his full vial of gold out of his shirt pocket into a fast-moving river, never to be seen again. I watched someone drop their first ever gold nugget through old floor boards, where it now lies trapped beneath the building. Any prospector who uses a detector can tell you they have laboured endlessly in the hot sun digging holes for gold nuggets only to come home with nothing more than nails and bullets at the end of the day. These people all have one thing in common - they laugh it off and get back out there looking for more!

The Aussie community spirit and sense of humour has a firm footing in our local gold prospecting history, and fool's gold has been used in jest over the years to hoax novice prospectors, as shown in a 1937 article printed in the Cobram Courier:

"Iron pyrites, a yellow mineral that looks very much like gold, is known to miners as "fool's gold", and is used by them to hoax amateurs and novices at the game". Source.

Today you can get a healthy dose of the Aussie sense of humour from following various gold prospecting Facebook pages, with one standing out in particular - Aussie Gold Addiction.

Image source: Aussie Gold Addiction

Aussie Gold Addiction is a Facebook page which shares endless gold prospecting memes, and they have a handy Facebook group as well where people can share their own gold finds, questions and information. 

Connect with other prospectors through YouTube Channels

Image source: Vo-Gus Prospecting, YouTubeFacebook and Instagram

There are some seriously informative gold prospecting YouTube channels around, with local prospectors sharing their gold finds, prospecting methods, equipment, useful tips and more through their videos. We've got a huge directory of gold prospecting YouTube channels from the Victorian Goldfields for you to check out, and many of these channels encourage community connection through live videos, Q&A sessions, meet and greet events, discussion on their associated social media pages, and more.

Gold prospecting forums

Prospecting forums are another fantastic way to connect with other gold prospectors, ask questions and share information.

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