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Sovereign Hill Attractions

Looking to see what Sovereign Hill attractions you can explore on your visit to Ballarat, Victoria? This extensive guide has got you covered. Visit Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and discover what life...
Posted 08/04/2024 in Things to do
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Visit Woods Point, Victoria

The picturesque old gold mining town of Woods Point is an absolute treasure of a destination, tucked away in Victoria's remote High Country. Popular for trail bike riders, four wheel drive enthusi...
Posted 06/04/2024 in Places
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A look back in time at the Chalks No 1 gold mine

Here in the Central Goldfields, the landscape is filled with the impressive remnants of deep lead mines which operated here long ago. Have you ever wondered what it would have looked like undergro...
Posted 11/03/2024 in Gold
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Visit Dunolly, Victoria

Dunolly is located in the heart of Victoria's Golden Triangle and is a brilliant destination for gold prospectors, history buffs, cyclists and bushwalkers. Spend a weekend exploring the gorgeous herit...
Posted 02/02/2024 in Places
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We Found A Uranium Mine in the Victorian Goldfields!

The Victorian Goldfields region is well known for its incredible gold mining history - massive nuggets, rich quartz reefs, and buried riverbeds full of gold. But did you know that we had our very own ...
Posted 28/12/2023 in History
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Trentham Falls Visitors Guide

One of Victoria's most spectacular waterfalls, Trentham Falls is an absolute must-see when visiting the Daylesford and Trentham region. One of many beautiful waterfalls throughout the area, Trenth...
Posted 09/04/2023 in Places
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Would you have what it takes back in the Victorian Gold Rush?

Ever wonder if you'd have what it takes to try your luck on the goldfields back in the 19th century? This entertaining, but honest advice, was published by the Geelong Advertiser in September of 1...
Posted 20/02/2023 in Gold
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Grave diggers found GOLD while digging a grave in the Ballaarat Old Cemetery

A sensational discovery was made in a grave at the Ballarat Old Cemetery in 1907, where a quartz vein filled with a dazzling display of gold was unearthed while digging the grave of mining investor, M...
Posted 11/02/2023 in Gold
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Stamp battery ruins and remnants in the Victorian Goldfields

In this article we're going to take a look at one of my favourite historical features left behind from Victoria's busy gold mining era - Stamp Battery foundations.
Posted 20/01/2023 in Gold
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Ultimate swimming guide for the Victorian Goldfields

Looking for your new favourite place to take a dip this summer? There are plenty of fantastic swimming spots throughout the Victorian Goldfields! Swim beneath waterfalls, relax in rockpools, head ...
Posted 10/01/2023 in Things to do
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Melbourne's Notorious Canvas Town

In the early 1850s, the dazzling news of Victoria's gold rush had drawn thousands upon thousands of prospective diggers across the world. Every heart was filled with hope, but after a long and diff...
Posted 09/01/2023 in History
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Best swimming spots near Daylesford

Looking for awesome new swimming spots near Daylesford? We've got you covered! Check out this big list of our favourite local places to swim, you're sure to find inspiration for your next summer day out!
Posted 27/12/2022 in Places
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How to find old gold locations using Google Earth

Today I'm going to quickly show you and talk about some of the many different remnants that are left over from Victoria's busy mining days, including what they are, how they appear from above, and wha...
Posted 01/12/2022 in Gold
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Ballarat's famous Gravel Pits Lead

One of Ballarat's many famous deep leads is the unique Gravel Pits, which was discovered in 1853 and runs from Victoria Street right beneath Bridge Mall and Sturt Street!
Posted 16/10/2022 in Miscellaneous
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Halloween at Forest Creek, 1858

Back in 1858, at the world-renowned Forest Creek diggings, a group of Scottish puddlers held a Halloween Ball at the Red Hill Hotel in their traditional style of celebration!
Posted 14/10/2022 in History
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Hidden tunnels beneath Ballarat, Maryborough and St Arnaud

There are several towns throughout Regional Victoria which have incredible underground tunnels hiding beneath your feet! These beautiful old stone and brick tunnels are part of the towns' underground ...
Posted 13/10/2022 in Places
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10 of the best swimming spots for kids in the Victorian Goldfields

Looking for some great places to take the kids for a swim this summer? There are loads of fantastic options throughout the Victorian Goldfields! Here are some of our favourite places to take kids swim...
Posted 13/10/2022 in Places
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Great flood at Ballarat, October 1869

On Saturday the 16th of October, over 150 years ago, Ballarat experienced devastating flooding of an unbelievable nature. An unexpected rain storm hit the region, and it wasn't long before all the...
Posted 13/10/2022 in History
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