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Charcoal Gully Bushland Reserve

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Helm St, Kangaroo Flat VIC 3555

Between Peace Street and Wesley Street. Also accessible from the other side on Thomas Street


  • Walking track
  • Bushland
  • Birdwatching
The Charcoal Gully Bushland Reserve is a small patch of bushland within a residential area of Kangaroo Flat, not far from the Kangaroo Flat Cemetery.

This is a good little spot to enjoy a short bushwalk. A well formed, pram/wheelchair accessible track meanders from one end of the reserve to the other. Several tiny, narrow dirt tracks trail off among the trees. The track roughly follows the course of the small gully, which curves through the bush on the other side.


  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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Trevor Wright
Great little spot for fossicking with several small nuggets found here by locals in the 1970's and 80's. Many old relics dug up over the years here from where the former police camp was located in the 1850s at the southern end. Chinese diggings are also plentiful here. Several shallow unmarked graves were also discovered here by locals in the late 1950's. Following a fire in 1966, a small number of red cross spider orchids re generated in the area along with wax flower and black wattle. Sadly the vegetation here has thinned by 50% in the past 50 years. Quite a history for a small bush reserve.
Mark Bruechert
I grew up in the 1960s and 70s at No.4 Morrison St., and our "extended" back yard was this lovely 20 acre historical site. You can see our back fence in one of the images. There were dozens of old Chinese gold digs, scattered across the Charcoal Gully reserve, all shallow, round holes. The Chinese diggers used round holes, believing evil spirits couldn't hide there, due to there being no corners. As kids we practically lived "up the bush", as we called it. The Charcoal Gully Creek had an offshoot tributary, branching off at Thomas Street (which was without a bridge until the late 1980s), running behind our house and rejoining the main creek at Helm St. Marong Shire closed that tributary when the Thomas St bridge was built to join the North and South ends of the street. I do remember the 1966 fire sweeping through, our family evacuating across Melbourne Road until the Kangaroo Flat Brigade and others had brought the blaze under control, late in the day. There's a massive Eucalypt Gum tree, right behind 4 Morrison St. It was huge in 1960 when I was born, and it remains to this day. Everyone in our street referred to it simply as The Big Tree, and I venture to suggest that it is probably over a century old. What Trevor Wright says about the gold there is correct. As kids, we found a small nugget, a little further down the Bendigo Creek, in 1970. Our grandfather had left us his old gold cradle and dishes, which we used in the creeks on many occasions. However, whether due to poor form or bad luck, we never managed to find anything much bigger than "specks" in Charcoal Gully. The area was declared a reserve in the early 1980s, following concerted efforts by a group of neighbours living in Burnie Court, off Thomas St. Fond memories of a wonderful bushland area to grow up in.
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