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George's Diggings

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St Georges Lake Road, Creswick VIC 3363

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If you're taking the scenic drive around Creswick's stunning St George's Lake, be sure to pull in at this roadside stop. This area is known as the George's Diggings, where unsuccessful attempts to find gold were made by the George's Mine Company in the 1860's and the George's Reef Mining Company in 1910. 

The sign stands before a grassy area with young pine trees growing up the hill sides. This spot is located just around the corner from the beautiful St George's Lake Lookout, a must-see when visiting Creswick. 

George's Diggings

The information sign displays the following text: 

In this area known as the George's Diggings, three attempts were made in the 1860's to find gold by the George's Mine Company, none were successful. In 1910 a new company - the George's Reef Mining Company tried again, always hopeful but also unsuccessful.

St Georges Lake

St Georges Lake, Creswick VIC

St Georges Lake is a local favourite for swimming, walking and photography. Once a mining dam known as "Govvy Dam", the lake has been developed into a picturesque haven for relaxation and recreation. 

Other gold mining sites in Creswick

Gold was discovered at Creswick Creek in the early 1850s. The town has a rich mining history and the Creswick Regional Park remains a popular destination for gold prospectors today.

Creswick is one of only a handful of places in Victoria which still has a State Gold Battery. 

Creswick was also the scene of one of Australia's worst underground disasters when the New Australasian No 2 flooded, leaving 27 miners trapped underground. Rescue efforts commenced immediately but by the time the miners were reached three days later only five had survived. The body of one man was still warm when it was recovered.




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