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Playground and Pioneer Memorial

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39 High Street, Marong VIC 3515

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  • Small playground
  • Pioneer memorial
  • Stone wishing well
  • Bench seat
  • Rubbish bin
This small playground is located along High Street, Marong and features a wave slide, a basket swing and a bench seat. 

There's a pioneer memorial alongside the play area, which consists of a wishing well and two stone cairns. One cairn is topped with a plaque which displays the following text:

A tribute to the early settlers of Marong 1861

The wishing well represents the original well located in High Street which supplied water for the Marong township.

Tidy Town Committee. 1988-89.

A second small cairn has a plaque affixed to its front, which displays the following text:

Lover of Birds, 
Melodies and Laughter
Erected For Friends
Keith A. Murray
25th September 1991

The wishing well is constructed of stone and has a wooden roof.

Across the road and down a little, you can see Marong's two interesting historic ploughs on display within the road's central dividing strip. 

The beautiful Malone Park is also located in Marong.



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