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Lions Park Rest Area

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Midland Highway, Huntly VIC 3551

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  • Undercover picnic areas
  • Free electric barbecue
  • Picnic tables
  • Walking track
  • Small seasonal creek
  • Toilets
The Lions Park Rest Area in Huntly is a great little picnic area on the outskirts of Bendigo. 

This day visit area features a small picnic rotunda as well as a separate undercover electric barbecue area. 

At the back-right of the park, a walking track crosses the seasonal Back Creek via a narrow bridge and heads through the adjacent Huntly Gardens Natural Reserve for a peaceful stroll among the trees.

A toilet block is situated right alongside the entrance to the park.



  • Camping is a great way to explore the Victorian Goldfields. Many campgrounds are located close to interesting attractions and historic sites, and the Goldfields region is certainly not lacking in fascinating things to discover. 


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The Huntly Lions Club camp area is an eye sore permanent van there male aggressive!! would not stop here if my life depended on it not even for a wee stop
Melissa Phillis
Adam is a lovely man, I have no idea how you've even found this out? Please remember that we don't all have a good life.
Sue Young
I agree with Trish! That man has been camped there for about 18 months-I rang the:council-they said they can't do anything, so it's up to you guys :( Now there are about another 4/5 cars there, plus cars, all camped near him, with seemingly no intention of leaving-this is annoying when we all pay rates, mortgages, rent etc and this bozo gets away with living scot-free. Please do something about this situation-even some signs saying you can only stay a week, or get an official to come out and move them all on. It really is an eyesore, and I would be afraid to call in just to go to the toilet. Thank you, Sue
Melissa Phillis
Sorry Trish, not everyone has had the cushy life you've had. It can be the only place left for those with no where else to go.... But for the grace of God, that could be you.
Why do we bother commenting when absolutely nothing has been done? I understand the man in question is homeless, but surely there are some agencies in Bgo that can deal with this issue, and find him somewhere to live? There is now a man in a caravan living there-no car, so he has no way to move the van(another homeless dude abusing the system). C'mon guys, do something about this issue ASAP....please
Melissa Phillis
There are Sue, but he must euthanaise his dog (his only family btw) in order to take up the meagre housing, 1 night in a motel, and back out there two nights later. Have you ever heard these people's stories? Please remember that might be you one day....
Lee Jones
Camping is no longer allowed at the Lions Park. It is a rest area only.
People illegally camping will be asked to move on and fined if they camp there
Hi Lee, I was planning to stay overnight in our Motorhome, with a view to going on to Bendigo the next day. Is this park now closed?
On balance this is a great overnight rest spot. I have to travel for work and found this to be ideal. Sometimes it gets busy and the seasoned travellers that come thru are considerate and courteous. The only troubling aspect was having a knock on the door at 4am it was a young man riding an electric scooter with a dog in tow - friendly enough. He said he had some mental health issue and was local and wanted a ride home. I said no and he didn't escalate, and just rode off.