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Lal Lal Railway Station

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5 Eaglesons Road, Lal Lal VIC 3352

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  • Historic railway station
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Lal Lal's charming old bluestone railway station is a great spot to stop in for a look while you're exploring the waterfalls and historic sites throughout the town. 

An information sign stands alongside the road providing details on the station's history and construction, and you can wander around the gorgeous building and platform for a closer look. 

The station was constructed in 1862 and a post office opened at the station a year later, with the station master becoming the post master as well. 

The station handled goods for the nearby mines and racecourse, and during the station's peak in the late 19th century there were 23 employees. 

Passenger services ended by 1979 and the station was disestablished in 1983.
The sign alongside Eaglesons Road displays the following text:

Lal Lal Railway Station

The Lal Lal railway station was constructed in 1862 by J. Campbell and Co., the firm responsible for building all the stations along the line, except for Bannockburn. 

The single storied station, with a two storey residence attached, was built from bluestone with a slate gabled roof and was probably designed within the Public Works Department. 

A timber addition formed part of the original residence and a lamp room and van goods shed were also constructed.

A three million gallon capacity reservoir, costing £25,000, was built to the north-east of the station, with a bluestone water tower next to it holding a 20,000 gallon tank. 

This tank was connected by a cast iron pipe to a 6,000 gallon tank at the station, from which the trains were watered. 

The reservoir was ready when the railway was opened on 10 April 1862 but the station was only partly completed at that time. 

In 1863 a post office was opened at the station, with the station master also acting as the post master. 

In 1882 an additional shelter shed was built by Baird and Scott and in 1884 a siding was opened for the lignite mine to the south of the station. 

Coincidently, the popularity of the Lal Lal Falls as a picnic spot, combined with the success of the annual New Year's Day race, led to calls for a branch line to service the Racecourse Reserve. This was authorised in 1884 and constructed in time for the race meeting in 1886.

At its peak in the 1880s and '90s, 23 people were employed at the station, handling goods for the iron mine, the lignite mine and the race course branch. 

There was a turntable, an engine repair shop and houses supplied nearby for gangers and the gate keeper. The post office was removed from the station in 1908. 

In 1930 the siding for the lignite mine was closed, followed by the race course line in July 1940. 

With diesel engines replacing steam, the water tank was removed in 1962. 

The station was effectively closed for passenger services by 1979 and disestablished as a staffed station in 1983.




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