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Reserve Dam

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Reserve Track, Daisy Hill VIC 3465

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  • Old distillery dam
  • Walking track
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Reserve Dam is located near the Settling Pond Track Picnic Area within the Paddys Ranges State Park, and is the site of the former Hamilton's and then Hughe's eucalyptus distilleries. 

Once a source of water for the distilleries, Reserve Dam is now a feature along the all-access walking track which sets out from the picnic area. 

This spot can be reached by road as well, along Reserve Track.

History of Reserve Dam

The following text is displayed on an information sign at Reserve Dam. The sign also includes a diagram of a typical eucalyptus distillery.

Reserve Dam

This dam provided water for Hamilton's and then Hughe's Eucalyptus oil distillery that operated here from the early 1900s until about 1930.

Ironbark and Yellow Gum were the main species used in the distilling process.

The oil was made by steaming the leaves in a large vat then condensing the vapour and drawing the oil from the condensed liquid.

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Paddys Ranges State park

Paddys Ranges State Park is a beautiful area to explore, filled with mining and eucalyptus distillation history along with wildflowers during spring. There is a fantastic free campground on Karri Track and a picnic area on Settling Pond Track.


Gold prospecting is not permitted in this section of Paddy's Ranges State Park.

Recreational gold prospecting is only allowed in designated areas of Paddys Ranges, and prospectors must hold a current Miner's Right. Take care, as dangerous mine shafts occur throughout the park. Click to see the prospecting map for Paddys Ranges from Parks VIC.



  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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