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Clunes Dog Park

  • 20210613 dsc 4981
Scenic Drive, Clunes VIC 3370

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  • Fenced dog park
  • Bench seat
Looking for a great place to bring your four legged friend for a run? This fenced, grassy dog park lies alongside Scenic Drive in Clunes, providing a safe area for dogs to run off-leash. Bring some dog toys and maybe throw a ball around, this is a great place for your pup to burn some energy!

This fantastic community space is set on a hillside above the town, with views across to the beautiful Mount Beckworth

Bench seating is provided within the park.

Another great place nearby to take your dog for a walk is the walking track along Creswick Creek, which can be accessed at the bottom end of Scenic Drive. 

Beginning at the far end of Ligar Street Reserve, the Creek Walk features a gorgeous picnic area at its beginning and a historic mine site at its end. The easy, scenic Creek Walk follows Creswick Creek through the lower part of Esmond Park. 

The Creek Walk and the Dog Park make Clunes a great destination for dog owners.



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