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Coliban Channel Waterfalls and Dissipator

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Bryden Road, Sedgwick VIC 3551

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  • Historic water channel
  • Artificial waterfalls
  • Dissipator
  • Part of the Leanganook section of the Goldfields Track
  • Accessible by road as well
These pretty artificial waterfalls lie along the Coliban Main Channel, an ingenious system of open gravity-fed channels which has been transporting water approximately 70 km between Malmsbury and Bendigo since the 1870s. 

The original Coliban Water Works, including 70 km of open channels, aqueducts, syphons and tunnels, were designed in 1863 by engineer Joseph Brady, and the first water flowed along the channel in 1877.

At this spot, the channel cascades down the hillside over several waterfalls with a semi-circular dissipator lessening the force of the water flow along the way. 

These waterfalls are situated along the Leanganook section of the Goldfields Track, but they are also easily accessed via Bryden Road. 

A sign alongside the channel states that swimming is not permitted here. 

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