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Fryerstown Public Park

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Castlemaine Street, Fryerstown VIC 3451

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  • Playground
  • Picnic tables
  • Wood fire BBQs
  • Tennis courts
The Fryerstown Public Park sits alongside the historic Burke and Wills Mechanics Institute building in Fryerstown, Victoria. 

The quiet, shady park features several picnic tables, two wood fire barbecues, tennis courts, and a playground with wave slide, swings, and a digger in a gravel pit.

There is a large climbing tree near the playground with a picnic table beneath it. 

Playground at Fryerstown Public Park

The small playground at the Fryerstown Public Park consists of a slide, digger and swing set. The playground is set beneath the shade of multiple huge trees, and is set a fair distance from the road. 

Picnics at Fryerstown Public Park

There are basic picnic facilities at the Fryerstown Public Park, including multiple picnic tables and a wood fire barbecue. Two of the picnic tables are set alongside the barbecue, and another one is located closer to the playground beneath the shade of a huge tree. 

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