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Eddington K25 Streamside Reserve

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Corner of McCoy Street and Murchison Street, Eddington VIC 3472

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A great spot for fishing and bushwalking along the Loddon River, the Eddington K25 Streamside Reserve was once the main river crossing point on the goldfields road from Dunolly to Maldon and Castlemaine. The river bank can be reached via a short walking track from the corner of McCoy and Murchison Streets in Eddington.

Camping is prohibited in the Eddington K25 Streamside Reserve. There appear to be many submerged logs here so swimming is not recommended. If you are looking for a swimming spot along the Loddon River, check out Three Bridges or the Laanecoorie Loddon River Recreation Reserve.

Loddon River Bridge Eddington

A sign at the gate to the reserve displays the following text:

This was the main crossing point of the Loddon River on the goldfields road from Dunolly to Maldon and Castlemaine. Originally a punt operated the crossing, but when a bridge was built in 1861, commercial buildings sprang up along McCoy Street. Floods caused severe damage many times often making the low level wooden structure unusable. Floods in the early 20th century effectively put an end to its use and in 1929 a new concrete bridge was completed, crossing the Loddon River south of the former township. (An initiative of the Eddington community and Loddon Shire Council, 2015)

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  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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