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Kurting Distillery Site

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Unnamed Road, Kurting VIC 3517

Off Kurting-Powlett Road. Zoom in on the map for exact location.

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The impressive remains of this distillery lie just outside the Inglewood Nature Conservation Reserve alongside an unnamed dirt road in Kurting, Victoria. There are many features of the distillery still present in good condition. While in the area, be sure to check out the Inglewood Eucalyptus Distillery Museum and explore some of the interesting historical sites throughout the Inglewood Nature Conservation Reserve, a popular spot for bushwalking and gold prospecting. 

Zoom in on the map above to find the exact location, it may be a good idea to screenshot the map before heading out in case of interrupted phone reception. The roads leading to this distillery are dirt tracks and may not suitable for 2wd vehicles in wet conditions.   



  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.
  • Gold prospecting is the recreational act of searching for natural gold deposits in the ground using tools such as gold detectors, gold pans and gold sluices. The Goldfields region of Victoria is a popular destination for gold prospectors, with many of the world's largest alluvial gold nuggets found in the area!


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