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Attic House

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Lauriston Street, Kyneton VIC 3444

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  • Heritage bluestone building
Known locally as the Attic House, this charming 1858 bluestone cottage features a pleasing symmetrical design and three timber dormer windows. 

This cottage is one of many gorgeous bluestone buildings throughout the town, and is set along a narrow, picturesque street complete with bluestone gutters. 

This striking building is privately owned, so please do not attempt to enter the building or yard. You will get an excellent view of the Attic House from the roadside. 

Explore Kyneton

Kyneton is a gorgeous town to visit, filled with remarkable bluestone buildings and beautiful public spaces. 

Wander through the Botanical Gardens, take the scenic Campaspe Riverwalk Track, explore the grand architecture along the town's main street, and drop by the Kyneton Museum to learn more about the town's fascinating history. 

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