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Mo the Miner Sculpture

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170 Main Road, Chewton VIC 3451

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  • Remarkable life-sized wooden sculpture
  • Interesting plaque
Drop in at Mo's Antique Store in Chewton and check out this remarkable life-sized wooden sculpture, one of several in a fascinating series along the town's Main Road.

This sculpture of an 1850s gold miner celebrates the rich history of the Forest Creek (now Chewton) gold field, the richest shallow alluvial goldfield the world has ever seen, and the thousands of people who journeyed here to seek their fortunes!

This sculpture forms part of a brilliantly quirky creative installation outside Mo's Antique Store, where you will also see a car which appears to have crashed through the wall from within the building.

The sculpture was commissioned in 2015 by Gerald St John, or "Mo", from Mo's antiques, and was created by talented local sculptor, Richard Yates.

Above image: Castlemaine Mail, 18/12/2015

A plaque set alongside the sculpture displays the following text:

The Rush to the Digging's

In 1851, they came in their thousands from around the world to the Gold Fields of Forest Creek (Chewton)

Trekking mostly on foot with all they could carry strapped to their shoulders, they would endure relentless hardships and the most gruelling of conditions, all for the lure of Gold & to seek their fortunes

Forest Creek (Chewton) was to become the Richest Shallow Alluvial Gold Field, the World would ever see.

Sculpture by Richard Yates


This sculpture was the first in a series by sculptors Richard Yates and John Brady, intended to preserve Chewton's history and bring some of the town's fascinating stories to life. There are six sculptures all up (so far), five of which were carved by Richard Yates. The latest sculpture, that of historian and local treasure Elaine Appleton, was carved by John Brady.

The other sculptures along this fascinating trail are:
These brilliant sculptures are all located along Main Road, Chewton. The sculptures begin near the Post Office and Town Hall, and end at Rod Hadfield's hot rod museum just out of town.



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