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Mrs Alice Dennis Sculpture

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201 Main Road, Chewton VIC 3451

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  • Remarkable life-sized wooden sculpture
  • Information sign
Stop in at the Chewton Senior Citizens Centre and take a look at this beautiful life-sized sculpture of the late Mrs Alice Dennis, which commemorates the life and achievements of this well known and loved local woman.

Depicted with a friendly smile, Alice waves to passers-by along Main Road while holding a stack of Tupperware containing her famous cakes and treats. Alice was a local treasure who was deeply dedicated to her family and the Chewton Community.

Information sign

The information sign alongside the sculpture displays the following text:

Alice Dennis
1923 - 2004

Alice was a cherished friend, a wonderful worker and a Life Time Member of the Chewton Senior Citizens. Alice was renowned for her ready smile and her willingness to provide help where needed. She could always be counted on to supply a steady stream of her amazing cakes, with pavlovas and sponges being her specialty!

During the Second World War, when Alice was a teenager, she joined her 4 sisters in a Dance Troupe and performed as the McLennan Sisters throughout the community, raising funds for the War effort. Prior to the War ending, Alice also served a short time in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (W.A.A.F.)

When Alice married Ron Dennis in 1946, she joined one of the pioneering families of Chewton, where they lived and raised their 2 sons, Rick and Athol. Alice was a tireless worker for many committees and organisations throughout the Chewton district, including serving on the Chewton Primary School Mothers Club for over 30 years!

The sculpture was commissioned by the Chewton Senior Citizens and the Dennis family.

Sculptor: Richard Yates.


This sculpture was the third in a series by sculptors Richard Yates and John Brady, intended to preserve Chewton's history and bring some of the town's fascinating stories to life. There are six sculptures all up (so far), five of which were carved by Richard Yates. The latest sculpture, that of historian and local treasure Elaine Appleton, was carved by John Brady.

The other sculptures along this fascinating trail are:
These brilliant sculptures are all located along Main Road, Chewton. The sculptures begin near the Post Office and Town Hall, and end at Rod Hadfield's hot rod museum just out of town.



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