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Best campgrounds in the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad%With many fantastic campgrounds located close to historical sites, natural tre...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Places
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Fascinating cemeteries of the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% Along with the 19th century gold rush came the inevitable establishment of many cemeteries throughout the Victorian Goldfields. A wander through a historic cemetery within the goldfi...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Places
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Abandoned mines of the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% Tunnel Hill Min...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Gold
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Beautiful buildings of the Goldfields

%links_ad% Grand 19th century architecture is a stunning feature of many towns throughout the Victorian Goldfields. Such gorgeous buildings are immediately admired upon arrival in t...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Places
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The treacherous Black Forest, Victoria

The Black Forest, Woodend VIC %links_ad% ...
Posted 09/04/2018 in Places
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Puddling machines of the Victorian Goldfields

Mining Model - Surfacing & Puddling, Shallow Alluvial Workings, Victoria, circa 1857. Image source: Museums Victoria. ...
Posted 04/04/2018 in Gold
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The Welcome Stranger gold nugget

%links_ad% Image source: Replica - Rodney Start (photographer) - Museums Victoria ...
Posted 03/04/2018 in Gold
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The Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% ...
Posted 02/04/2018 in Things to do
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Visit Laanecoorie, Victoria

Gorgeous view of Laanecoorie and the Loddon River from alongside the Laanecoorie Reservoir Weir. %links_ad% ...
Posted 02/04/2018 in Things to do
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Waterfalls of the Goldfields

Loddon Falls, Glenlyon VIC %links_ad% Although the Victorian Goldfield...
Posted 29/01/2018 in Things to do
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Visit Maldon, Victoria's grand and gorgeous gold town

%links_ad% Maldon is one of the top destinations to explore within the Victorian Goldfields, with so much to discover and experience. When you visit this picturesque little to...
Posted 28/01/2018 in Things to do
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Mining ruins and relics throughout the Central Goldfields

%links_ad% The Central Goldfields Shire is filled with significan...
Posted 27/01/2018 in Things to do
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Captain Melville, the Bushranger of Melville Caves

%links_ad% An 1855 cartoon of a bushranger robbing a traveller. Courtesy State Library of Victoria, ID MP00/00/56/21. ...
Posted 08/09/2017 in People
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