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8 striking natural features in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 07/12/2020 in Places

While travelling across the Victorian Goldfields, sometimes you'll come across things that are truly remarkable. We've found all kinds of strange things people have left out in the bush, ranging from mostly-buried classic cars sticking out of the ground, tree stumps painted up as people, to trees with bras on! But it's the natural features which are always the most impressive. There are plenty of things which really stand out, so we've gathered eight of them together in the following list.

1. Oven Rock, Elphinstone VIC

Oven Rock, Elphinstone VIC

There's a neat little hidden gem tucked away in the bushland between Chewton and Elphinstone - a rock oven set in the end of a hillside outcrop, overlooking a campsite below! The rock oven is easily spotted up the hill at the far end of the campground clearing, with a narrow track leading up to it. The oven has had plenty of use, with scorch marks on the rock and a bed of coals within. Find out more...

2. Viewing Rock Lookout, Heathcote VIC

Viewing Rock, Heathcote VIC

The Viewing Rock Lookout is a rocky outcrop atop a mountain ridge offering spectacular views over Heathcote and beyond. A large flat rock stands out at an angle, which is the perfect spot to climb up and look out over the countryside. This rock is also a great spot to sit for photos. Find out more...

3. Big Tree, Guildford VIC

Big Tree, Guildford VIC

Big Tree Park in Guildford, Victoria is home to a spectacular, ancient River Red Gum thought to be somewhere between 500 to 1,000 years old. This impressive giant stands across the road from the park, which features a playground, undercover barbecue area, picnic tables, tennis courts with basketball hoops, a toilet block, and information signs. Find out more...

4. Giant Boulder, Mount Beckworth VIC

Giant Boulder, Mount Beckworth VIC

This spectacular boulder rises strikingly from a sea of greenery alongside the walking track from the Cork Oaks Campground to Mount Beckworth's summit within the Mount Beckworth Scenic Reserve. This is a great spot to bring children to explore. There is a stone platform on the far side of the boulder where the giant rock above is sloped and cracked, perfect for climbing. Find out more...

5. Anticlinal Fold, Castlemaine VIC

Anticlinal Fold, Castlemaine VIC

The impressive Castlemaine Anticlinal Fold is visible in the roadside cutting along Lyttleton Street. This curious geological formation makes an interesting roadside stop, well worth a look if you're in the area. An anticline is a geological fold in the shape of an upward arch, with its oldest beds at its core. This is an excellent example and its location makes it easy for any one to drop by and take a look at its structure. Find out more...

6. Barry's Rock, Brenanah VIC

Barry's Rock, Brenanah VIC

Located within Kooyoora State Park on the corner of Barry's Rock Road and Melville Caves Road, Barry's Rock is a spectacular boulder sitting atop a couple of smaller stones, leaving an empty space underneath which opens up into a beautiful cavern within the boulder itself which is accessible from the other side. The rock is surrounded by bushland and sweeping slopes of stone. Find out more...

7. Queen Tree, Bowenvale VIC

Queen Tree, Bowenvale VIC

A particular point of interest out at the Alma Lead Cyanide Works is a large tree, known as the Queen Tree, which had previously been growing on higher ground. The ground beneath has been washed away by miners, leaving the tree standing impressively high above the ground, supported by its strong root system. Find out more...

8. Aboriginal Birthing Tree, Talbot VIC

Aboriginal Birthing Tree, Talbot VIC

The Aboriginal Birthing Tree is a giant River Red Gum about 700 years old and has a girth of approximately 15 metres. This spectacular tree is classified by the National Trust of Victoria, and sits alongside Pollocks Road in Talbot. Find out more...

What are some other striking natural features you've come across in the Victorian Goldfields? Let us know in the comments below.




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